Copyright Statement:

All images taken by me are copyrighted property of Sean Chandler / VT Caribbean.

The accepted standard is that the photograph becomes copyrighted intellectual property at the moment it is taken.

VT Caribbean usage license - real estate and event photography

Agents are licensed to use the images of a specific property on their website(s) and those of any other realtors who are co-broking the property, for as long as the property is on the market.

If the original agent loses the listing, and a new agent wishes to use the same images, the new agent(s) must pay an agreed fee and receive my permission to use the images. The exception to this, is if the owner has paid VT Caribbean directly for taking the images of their property.

VT Caribbean stock photography image license:

A Usage License is granted for specific time periods and media, dependent upon the intended use of images.

Upon the expiration of the license, the images may not be used without the payment of a re-licensing fee. This fee may be 25 percent or less of the original fee

Misconceptions re image copyright:

It is a common misconception that property owners or realtors own the photographs that they have commissioned.

The photographer always retains copyright and dictates the licensed usage for all images, unless a work for hire agreement is made.

Therefore, unless otherwise specified, the sharing of images on disk, printing of images from digital originals, and ANY editorial use, is not permitted.

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